Spring Blooms

Posted May 10, 2022

Spring Blooms
By Sarah Kern

After an incredibly long winter, it seems that spring is finally here. We’ve gone from snow pants to shorts in record time. And as the waiting buds finally burst open, relationships are blossoming at All Seasons.

Our beloved grandma readers, once strangers to some, are now members of our All Seasons family. Marion, Bette, and Pat are seamlessly folded into classroom routines and events. A couple of weeks ago, both preschool classes had pancake breakfasts, during which families could stay and sample syrup made from our very own maple trees. Of course our grandma readers were invited, and they were thrilled to taste the syrup.

In the toddler class, visits to Grandma Stella’s apartment have become routine. Children are eager to show her their fancy dress up clothes, try out her real flashlight, and peek out her window.

In the classroom, too, true friendships are everywhere. Even our youngest students are beginning to seek one another for play and reach out a hand to help.

A treat this spring has been to join together our older and younger classes. The full day preschool class and our toddler class have met a couple of mornings on the playground to play together. Immediately the older children welcomed the youngest into their play. Toddlers crawled like kitties with an older group, and groups worked together in the sandbox to dig holes and build castles. When a large rain gutter was added to the hill, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds alike gathered to send various sizes of balls down the ramp.

The seeds that we’ve been sowing all winter long are blooming inside and out, and now is the precious time of the year that we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to soak it up.