My Tribute to You

Posted June 3, 2019

by Kylen Glassmann

As the school year comes to a close, and life is at at its busiest, I would like to pause to express my gratitude. Sometimes I find it difficult to live in the moment, especially when life is busy and stressful. It is easy to focus on the small things and feel too busy to take time to be present and thankful. I have much to be grateful for and have been reminded of that a lot this spring. I am exceptionally thankful for becoming a part of the All Seasons and Inver Glen community. The last two years have been inspiring, challenging, exciting, and insightful. I have learned so much from all aspects of our community, so here is my message of gratitude to you all.


To the seniors and staff of Inver Glen – thank you for making our preschool a part of your home and for seeing the value and beauty in intergenerational programming. Through this experience, I have been humbled in my opinions about life and death, and have become incredibly fond of being a part of this community. The children and their families are lucky to have you in their lives!

To our families – thank you for going on this journey with us and supporting the work that we do as early childhood educators. It would be impossible to make a significant impact on the lives of your children without your support and trust. You go above and beyond for your children and we see this everyday!

To my students – thank you for just being you. You have taught me so much and I love preschool life with you! Thank you for helping me feel young and free and for helping me slow down and see joy in the small things!


To my dear, dear colleagues – thank you for welcoming me into the All Seasons family and for providing me with immense support, trust, and plenty of laughter. It did not take long for me to feel at home, and this has become so much more than a job. I respect all of you as educators, but also as mothers and unique individuals. I never imagined wanting to stay late at a staff meeting, but then I met you – I love you all!

We missed you Amy and Rita!

Over the last two years, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what I want out of my future, what kind of person and educator I would like to be, and how I want to spend the later years of my life – thank you for helping to shape my life in such a positive way – you have set a high bar! In graduate school, I often thought about where I would like to work someday and I did not think it was possible to find such a special, unique place. Little did I know that All Seasons was just around the corner! I am honored to be a part of this wonderful community and am eternally grateful. The next years will bring their own joys and challenges, but it’s important to sometimes stop and appreciate all that’s good and wonderful around us right now. To all of the children and families that will be off to new adventures next year – you will be greatly missed, but we look forward to hearing from you in the future! Have a wonderful summer!