Green Facility

All Seasons Preschool and Inver Glen Senior Living share a "green" building, constructed by Southview Senior Living. This LEED ("Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design") certified design and construction reflects our commitment to the health of the environment, including the well-being of the children and adults in our community. Through careful adherence to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED guidelines, the design and construction teams have worked to reduce waste and pollution, save energy, provide a healthier and more comfortable interior environment, reduce long-term operating costs, and encourage users and visitors to do the same.

The Southview Inver Glen team used a variety of strategies to earn LEED points. Among them are:

  1. Leaving the building site in a natural state to encourage growth of native flora and fauna.
  2. Channeling storm water into ponds where it will filter back into the soil, instead of running off the site into erosion-producing gullies.
  3. Using appliances and light fixtures that are Energy Star-rated
  4. Choosing carpets, padding, paints, and adhesives with minimal toxic material content
  5. Using only “green” cleaning products for routine cleaning

Many other strategies, both rudimentary and highly technical, are also employed to reduce the building’s impact on its internal and external environment. Though many of the strategies cost more initially, many costs will be paid back with long-term savings from reduced water and energy use.

Click here to download the Inver Glen & All Seasons Green Guide

All Seasons Preschool is fully licensed by the State of Minnesota.